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Solar Panel Services

At Eastern Solar Cleaning & Maintenance, we specialise in every type of solar including:

Solar Panel Installation

Price- From $2000

Our accredited team will assist you in selecting the best solar power system for your home or office. Whether you’re trying to cut down your power bill or do your bit to reduce global warming, we can help you increase your energy efficiency.

Solar Inverter Repair

Price- From $160

We Specialise in Repair of all inverter brands including all micro inverters.

(List of inverter brands at the bottom of this page)

Solar Service Call

Price- $160 (includes the first hour)

If your system has stopped working or is not running properly we will come out and diagnose the problem and either fix it on the spot or let you know the required cost to fix it.

Solar Power System Upgrade

Price- From $600

Is your energy usage changing? We can assist in selecting a larger solar power system to suit your growing energy needs.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Did you know that built up grime and dirt on your solar panels can reduce the efficiency of your solar power by up to 10%? This could be hundreds of dollars per year!

Solar System Service

Price- $180 for systems up to and including 3kw (add $25 for double story)

Price- $250 for systems 3.1kw to 5kw (add $35 for double story)

Price- 6.1kw and above please contact us

20 Point Solar Panel System Check

We provide a thorough examination of your solar panel system including:

  • Checking the mountings of the frames and solar panels
  • Cleaning the solar panels
  • Checking the rooftop isolator for any loose connections or water ingress
  • Checking the rooftop isolator operation
  • Using Sun Eye (shading tool) to evaluate any shading issues of the solar panels
  • Checking for loose connections between the solar panels
  • Checking the inverter mountings
  • Checking a/c and D/C isolators for water ingress and loose connections
  • Complete an anti islanding test
  • Measure and record output at inverter of strings
  • Checking inverter performance history
  • Checking operation of the shutdown procedure
  • Provide Performance Report

Warranty and Service Work

Our experienced team can assist you with servicing of your current solar power system.

Some companies require their solar power system to be serviced every one-two years to ensure the warranty on their products remains. It's also good to have your solar power system checked and cleaned regularly to maximize its efficiency and yield.

All our solar panels come with a 10 year manufacturing warranty and a 20 year performance warranty. Our inverters come with a 5 year warranty.

Energy Monitors

Energy monitors are small devices that how much solar power your solar power system is generating. They can determine how much power you are using in a dollar amount as well as kWH.

Solar Panel Performance Estimates

Want to know how much electricity our solar power systems can produce? Want to know much you can save on your electricity bill with one of our solar panel systems? Contact us for a no obligation quote.

Inverter Brands that we Repair

  • Growatt inverter repairs
  • SMA inverter repairs
  • Samil inverter repairs
  • Aero-Sharp inverter repairs
  • Delta inverter repairs
  • Sunnyroo inverter repairs
  • Fronius inverter repairs
  • APS micro inverter repairs
  • Sharp inverter repairs
  • ABB power one inverter repairs
  • Aurora inverter repairs
  • Enphase inverter repairs
  • Eaton inverter repairs
  • Zeversolar and Eversolar inverter repairs
  • Motech inverter repairs
  • Orion inverter repairs
  • Latronics inverter repairs.

We also sell solar systems, and do general electrical work too!

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